News update: 1 April 2019

In the week following the Christchurch terror attacks, a memorial to the victims of the  was set up in the middle of the Peace Place. A blue Muslim prayer mat facing Mecca, surrounded by peace flowers created a solemn but hope filled remembrance. This week, the mat has been replaced by a print out of photos of each of those who died. Pink flowers holding the space above their images echoing the gentleness and compassion these events have stirred. 

It's been two weeks of grieving and walking in solidarity with those that have suffered so much.

This is a time of deep self-examination for us all. What role do we play in allowing racism to flourish?  For many of us it is simple case of our love not being loud enough. Love requires action. Love requires calling out racism and supremacist attitudes. Love requires openness, active friendliness and be-friending. It requires standing up to the powers that diminish the lives and worth of others. Our love for others must not be silent.

The Peace Place has long been committed to inter-faith dialogue and building bridges between groups typically segregated from main-stream society. We would like to in particular, humbly acknowledge the incredible outreach of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in South Auckland. This is a group of people that have worked tirelessly for years to bring an understanding of Islam and a vision of peace and love to the world. The respect that has been shown to others coming from other perspectives, the effort given to hospitality and to host events that give opportunities for different faiths to come together has been phenomenal. We have been privileged to benefit from your efforts and you are an example to us all. 

Assalamu Alaikum 

Peace be with you



Dominican Friar, Fr. Peter Murnane, co-founder of the Peace Place's recently released an autobiographical book.

In Archways to the Infinite, Peter bares his soul, sharing his life’s journey through anecdotes and reflections, carefully weaving an entertaining and invigorating account of his life as a Dominican Friar. From his memories as a young child, to his arrest as a priest following a major protest at the Waihopai Valley spy base in New Zealand, Peter shares his personal struggles in human rights, censorship, sexuality, celibacy, doctrinal belief, and, above all, his relationship with what he terms ‘The Transcendent’.

Online orders can be made from the NZ distributor, Pleroma via this link.



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